Michael Cawdrey Oil/Acrylic 14th Apr 2019

Date: 14th April 2019
Time: 8:30am for a 9:00am start
Cost: on application
Booking: For more information please drop us an email via our contact form.
Venue: Craigslea High School


14 people attended and the painting we did following Michael's clear and simple instructions was a landscape of Strong Road along the road from Dayboro to Petrie.

Using a limited palette of three or four colours it had that beautiful Australian earthy look - yellow greens and grey greens. Transparent colours are best. If you are using acrylics then use a medium such as gloss medium varnish to make the paint as transparent as possible.

Michael used 2" (5cm) brushes (Art Spectrum #2) for the painting until he came to the finishing touches when he uses smaller brushes.

Initial Wash

The initial wash was applied thinly so it didn't muddy later layers of colour. Leave using thick paint until the end where you know you want effect.

This is a sketch of where the major tonal areas and objects are in the composition.

First colours

If the painting doesn't progress in tone and value then it won't look right - cooler, lighter colours in the distance.

For grass imagine the underlying colour, in this case reddish. Use warm red colours not a mauve as it is too cold.

Try to get all three primaries in the mix so you have control otherwise it can look gaudy.

Distant colours

The distant grass and road colours were laid in as well as the dark gravel beside the road in the foreground. Red-violet is used to tame down the green. Make sure the brush strokes don't go all the same way.

Sky and Trees

The sky colour was put in first then the trees. The sky colour is pulled gently down into the edges of the trees to show distance and movement. Shadows were put in under the trees. Shadows become wider and cooler the further from the object. Tone is more important than colour.

Grass Shadows

Transparent darks in the background look darker than opaque colours. Light bounces off opaques whereas with transparent colours the light goes and and bounces back through the top layers.

To make the paint thicker use Art Spectrum #3 medium. Load paint by pushing the brush into the paint so it collects only on the very end rather than up through the bristles.