Heather Delaney - Watercolour - 9 Jun 2019

Date: 9th Jun 2019
Time: 8:30am for a 9:00am start
Booking: For more information please drop us an email via our contact form.
Venue: Craigslea High School

Heather Delaney

Watercolour on Paper "Calm before the Storm" from a late afternoon photo taken from Oyster Point at Scarborough.

The aim was to create a top to bottom wash with a lighter glow in the bottom third.

Heather used a half sheet of Waterford 300gsm Rough which was stretched beforehand.

Wet the paper first then apply the wash top and bottom to the centre then let it dry.

Drop the gradating distant mountain mixture into strips of clean water painted in the shape of the mountains. Let the colour flow from the side of the paper and let each layer dry thoroughly.

Use a toothbrush to add sparkle to the water using masking fluid.

Dry brush the distant water.

Use a clean wet brush to soften the ripples in the foreground.

Paint the foreground posts and wading birds in a dark colour.