Anna Maria Antonini - Atelier Freeflow Acrylics - Sep 2017

Date: 10th Sept 2017
Time: 8:30am for a 9:00am start
Cost: on application
Booking: For more information please drop us an email via our contact form.
Venue: Craigslea High School


Eight people attended Anna Maria's inspiration filled workshop.

Application methods of Atelier Free Flow Acrylics

First she showed us some of the many ways Atelier Free Flow Acrylics can be applied and helped everyone try the different effects. Many are similar to the uses of watercolour paints. We tried wet on dry, wet on wet, sponges, fan brushes, masking fluid and toothbrushes. Unlike watercolours, the acrylic paint does not re-wet once it is dry and this allows for interesting glazes and layering effects.

Application methods of Atelier Free Flow Acrylics

Anna Maria then showed us how to transfer our chosen topic onto the watercolour paper. One way is to hold the picture and watercolour paper up to the window together (with the image underneath) and trace the outlines onto the watercolour paper. Another is to use water soluble oil crayons to cover the back of the image then put the image on top of the watercolour paper or canvas and trace over the outline. She recommended we use a colour similar to what will be used in the final painting as this doesn't pollute the paint like pencil or charcoal can. This process leaves a coloured outline on the watercolour paper ready for us to paint.

Water soluble oil pastels on the back of the image

The Atelier Free Flow Acrylics were applied like watercolours. Some areas were left to dry while the group had morning tea so that when the next layers were added there would be no bleeding.

First layers of colour

Colours were added in layers using the different methods learned in the morning. The coloured water soluble oil pastes adds further details to the finished product.

Next layers and some details

The work must be completely dry before the ink outlines and detail are added. If not the pen will pick up the wet paint and become clogged. It could also tear the paper.

Final ink pen work added

Here are some of the other lovely works from the day.

Vivienne Gardner's wolf

Dawn Caruana's lady

Jenny Mitchelson's lady

Mary Rose Mumme's dog

Some of the group started more paintings after lunch on stretch canvases using similar methods to transfer the image and apply the paints.


Anna Maria Antonini is a Brisbane artist, art specialist and qualified teacher with more than 30 years experience in art education (prep to adult). She has run private art workshops for 19 years in Brisbane north. While Anna Maria's main expertise is in painting, she is also a multimedia artist. Paintings, sculpture, mask-making, murals and iconic paintings are some of her artistic projects. She has studied both in Australia and Florence, Italy.

Anna Maria is passionate about her art and is motivated to impart her wealth of knowledge. She believes in nurturing the artist within.

This one-day workshop will provide participants with information , tips and techniques for Atelier Freeflow acrylic paint. There will be:

  1. Experimentation of Atelier Freeflow paint and techniques. Techniques will be demonstrated and practiced.
  2. Portrait on watercolour paper taped to backing board. This portrait will be with Atelier Freeflow paint and ink pen.
  3. Paint on canvas - 40 x 50cm (variations acceptable) - theme: flowers, fish, organic forms, colourful preferred.

The aim is to explore the medium, learn new skills & techniques that the artists can draw upon on their artistic journey. Students will learn and share in a friendly environment.

Anna Maria's can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and on 0409 642 808.

Materials artists brought

Brushes, sponges, 1 sheet watercolour paper, PERMANENT BLACK INK PEN (size 0.4), 40 x 50cm canvas (variations acceptable), backing board, masking tape, water container, rags, apron / old shirt to cover clothes, pencil & rubber, sketch / note book, hairdryer optional, own pictures as noted for theme, lunch.

Materials supplied by tutor

Freeflow paint, watercolour pencils / crayons, A4 photocopies for portrait, extra brushes, toothbrushes / sponges, masking fluid, pencils / rubbers / sharpeners, cartridge, salts.