10th April 2016 One Day Workshop

Sandra Pearce, a well known Brisbane print artist, conducted an excellent workshop for the Aspley Art Group - the Magic of Monoprinting - on Sunday 10 April 2016.

Sandra, who is an extremely well organised and efficient tutor, demonstrated the techniques of inking a plate, composing and preparing a picture using a selection of natural and other materials and shapes, and the use of "Thumper" ( her portable etching press) to produce a unique print. Various papers were provided for use and the sequence of a test print and a ghost print explained.

Everybody finished the day with a brilliant portfolio of very individual colour prints to enjoy and perhaps to frame! Some of them are shown below.

Thanks to Sandra for her good humour and patience and expertise in providing a wonderful printing experience.

First Sandra gave us a step-by-step description of the process for setting up and laying out the ink and our print plates.

Sandra's first run (see the image below) - from right to left - the first print is darker, the ghost print has more detail and overlapping of images. After each print the items are moved around on the plate to obtain more ghosting and overlays of images. The 3rd image from the right is the next print in this series and the last (on the far left) is a shipping tag showing the pale ghosting as the ink is depleted on the plate.

Here are some of the prints produced by the artists attending